你 好,  I’m YI-YING.

I am a Taiwanese graphic designer with a visual design degree (MA) in SPD, Milan, Italy.

Mandarin Chinese native speaker, fluent in English and learning Italian.

I enjoy observing details by taking photos and sketching in my free time,

and this also helps me to conceptualize more distinctive ideas about my life and work.

While in college, I majored in Textile Design. During this time, there were many

things that caused me to grow as a textile artist. I liked to experiment with different

materials to create flat or three-dimensional woven fabrics.

Not only did I learn about the different characteristics of different fabrics from

the producing process, but also be trained to use them to combine into a new design skill.

Communication is not limited to speech; through graphics and media, one can sometimes express

more with feelings and different means of expression.

Have both experiences in textile design and visual design. Specializing in creative concept

development and CI building, including logo, business card, packaging, and pattern design.

Also icons and illustration creation, menus, books, or catalogs.

Familiar with Adobe programs, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.



I hope that conveying my feelings in my work also gives it the power to

inform, educate, or persuade viewers using visual messages.


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2021 // YEH YI YING – CV






For freelance inquiry and more design process,
please feel free to contact me at yehyiyinggg@gmail.com